Easter Pet Fun


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It’s nearly Easter time and Pet Insurance Australia has come up with some great ways to enjoy this special holiday with your pets.

As all the children excitedly wait for the Easter bunny to arrive with armloads of chocolate eggs and goodies, many of us will be simply looking forward to some much-needed rest and relaxation with those who mean the most to us, including the family pet.

But what to do?…

Easter Egg Hunt – consider including the family dog! Help the Easter Bunny include your pet and hide a few dog-treats around the yard. You can even get super creative and make your own dog-friendly biscuits or treats. To make your Easter Egg hunt dog safe (if the children are involved), ensure you know exactly where the chocolate eggs are and how many are around – think chocolate poisoning – or put the eggs up high, or in plastic containers. Pop a doggy treat near the container and encourage your dog to sniff out the next one. Make sure the chocolate eggs are not able to be eaten by your dog! The children will marvel at how good your dog is finding eggs. However, please remember the importance of chocolate poisoning in dogs. It’s also a good idea to pop your dog on a leash as you may be surprised how quickly they can sniff out all of the eggs in one quick run, leaving the children in their dust.

Family Outing – with so many great spots around Australia to visit with your pet, why not pack a delicious picnic and head off to a special dog friendly area with the family? Don’t forget a towel, tennis ball and treats. Pack a water bowl for your dog also and something for them to lie on in the shade. If you are prepared your dog can share in all the family fun and excitement of a great BBQ down the park or another dog friendly area. You can even invite other doggy friends and perhaps do your own doggy Easter dog-treat hunt at the park with those who want to join in.

Easter Parade – This is a wonderful addition to any pet loving home. The Easter Parade. Young children will especially love this activity. Most dogs will enjoy being a part of the action, and even the odd cat. Getting them dressed up with bunny ears or as chickens. Consider making your own decorations and don’t forget the photos! Best dressed wins.

Pet Hampers – if you want to treat your cat or dog during this time consider doing a pet friendly hamper. Full of toys, treats and fun games to play over the long weekend. Pop some Easter themed items inside such as bunny soft toys and don’t forget the bow-tie collars for that special dinner occasion.

Pet Friendly Holiday – It might be too late to book for this weekend, but why not plan your next pet friendly holiday? Check out some of the great websites on offer and book up a pet friendly place for your next trip away. Don’t forget to check the location is perfectly suited to your dog with plenty of pet friendly spots to visit and plan your great pup escape today.

Pup playdates! – organise a catch up with your pups best-friend. You can make this an ultra-special occasion (think doggy bow-ties) and get dressed up for the Easter catch-up, and maybe plan a special feast. There is nothing like a good romp and play in the backyard of a best bud.

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